Problem Solving

IWP source equipment from all over the globe. We champion Australian made technology because it is often developed for use in rugged and remote areas. Once a full analysis of the need has been completed we put forward recommendations for the most suited equipment.

No matter what part of the water cycle we are focused on we are able to research the best solution. If it is a potable water supply that is needed we will find the most efficient means to take raw water and turn it into potable water.

Wastewater projects may vary in size from a city down to a small village community. We do not shy away from the small projects. In many cases advanced septic systems with cutting edge subsurface distribution systems are all that is required to control disease and overcome contamination of drinking water.

In other cases secondary, tertiary or quaternary treatment will be required. We provide systems that treat wastewater to any quality that is required for one person or one million people.