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PNG Prime Minister Launches IWP Projects in Remote Part of Highlands

Posted on: September 15th, 2014 by n3tB1z
Prime Minister opens new power plant

Prime Minister opens new power plant


On the 13th of June, 2014, the PNG Prime Minister opened an IWP 100kW Mini Hydro Electric Project in the remote Marawaka Valley in the Eastern Highlands. The valley services about 10,000 people. It is now possible to build a coffee processing plant that would increase the income of the valley coffee farmers about 100 fold, because the cost of air freighting their coffee out of the valley, which has no passable roads, is about 90% of the price they get for their coffee. A cooperative coffee plant could process the raw parchment to green been and use the value added to pay for the freight and still make a profit to fund schools and medical clinics. It is IWP’s and it’s parent, Paladin Corporation’s vision to fund these types of projects.

International Water and Solace Corporation Forge new Partnership

Posted on: January 16th, 2014 by n3tB1z

Cost Effective Remediation of Toxic Mine Affected Water Now a Reality


International Water Projects (IWP) and Solace Corporation, today signed a Joint Venture to explore the integration of the Solace SABR Bio-Reactor with IWP’s Hydro Technology to form a complete, self-powered Acid Mine Drainage Remediation system.

“This Joint Venture provides the clean energy solution to drive the technology to solve one of the planet’s greatest environmental challenges”, said Wayne Sampey, Managing Director of Solace Corporation. “Acid Mine Drainage has been recognized by both the UN and US EPA as the biggest environmental problem behind climate change, and effects both developed and developing countries equally. This JV will allow us to explore unique clean energy solutions in remote and difficult places to facilitate remediation and long term community sustainability”.

The hydro technology offered by International Water Projects will be driven by water flows through the SABR Bio Reactor, thus driving any pumping and associated technical infrastructure.

“International Water Projects is excited to be involved with Solace Corporation in the development of this interconnected clean energy, water remediation process”, claims Scott Paterson, Director of International Water Projects, “It creates new markets globally for our world leading hydro technology.”