Corporate Statement


Creating a better future through sustainable development


To make the human condition and the natural environment better by innovation, wisdom and science.

Corporate Values

  • Compassion: for those in need
  • Innovation: to promote cutting edge technology
  • Professionalism: to reflect the high value we put on our clients
  • Transparency: to allow others to see where we can improve
  • Accountability: to reassure donors and stakeholders
  • Integrity: doing what is right for all our clients
  • Efficiency: to deliver on time and on budget
  • Cultural Sensitivity: to respect all people as valuable and precious

People Statement

Human Health

We believe we have a mandate to care for our fellow man. Water borne diseases cause 80% of all the illnesses in the developing world. Diarrhoea is the leading cause of childhood death.

Here are some facts:

  • Sixteen percent of the earth’s population (1.1 billion people)still lack access to improved drinking water sources
  • Thirty six percent of the earth’s population (2.4 billion people) lack access to proper wastewater management
  • Lack of wastewater and sewerage facilities needlessly kills 2.2 million people annually
  • 82 million suffer from Disability Adjusted Life Years due to sewerage mismanagement (R. Bos, Dec. 2004)
  • A child’s life could be saved every 20 seconds, if safe drinking water and basic sanitation were available
  • This improvement could reduce 80% of all sickness and disease and it could save more lives per year than are lost due to war
  • Safe sanitation and clean water can save the lives of 5,000 children under the age of five per day

These things are strongly in our focus as we go about commercial, industrial, and government work. We are committed to promoting engineering and ‘fixes’ in the area of water and wastewater that make life better for all people. We believe people matter the most.

We underwrite the cause of the underprivileged. We want our actions to motivate donors to give, scientists to research new and better technologies, and engineers to find efficient ways to deal with water and wastewater problems for all mankind.

We are also committed to serving the commercial and industrial world with technology that is energy efficient, sustainable, and benefits the health of the local population and the planet we share.

Environment Statement

Planet Health

We believe we have a mandate to show leadership in environmental management. Within our area of focus there are many areas where our actions can manage the impact humans have on planet earth.

We feel a responsibility to educate and innovate when it comes to development. For example wastewater is high in phosphorus and nitrogen. These two elements, in particular, are the cause of the loss of the vast majority of the world’s coral reef systems. We are advocating that all nations with coral reefs adopt standards that ensure no phosphorus or nitrogen enters waterways, aquifers, or the marine environment.

Any development that causes the loss of coral reefs is not sustainable. It impacts directly on mankind effecting fisheries, tourism, and cultural activities, which all depend on a living vibrant reef system. So too is the production of white sand and Island nation rainfall. Once a reef is gone white sand ceases to replenish the beaches. Instead, the barrier, which once kept the waves from pounding on the coastline, has little effect and the waves penetrate to the coast and cause irreparable erosion. This is an example of the environmental engineering we are engaged in.

We engineer sustainable solutions. Sewerage can be a useful source of energy and the nitrogen and phosphorus can be extracted for environmentally sound agricultural and productive purposes.

Less than 1% of the earth’s water is drinkable. Conservation of this precious resource is a key element of our engineering designs.

Sustainability is the focus of all we do.